Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Territory

Lately I have  been exploring new territory called gallery shows. Last friday a couple friends of mine put together a group show and so I got an opportunity to present my work in real life for the first time. Since I mostly do animation and book illustrations I had to do some research to  figure out what people expect to see in a show and what they respond to. In the beginning I wanted to go with more story driven pieces , but soon realized that that was not the way to do it  and so decided to do portraits instead, since they rather serve a decorative purpose and you can never go wrong with portraits. In the end I exhibited five pieces and sold almost all of them.

Here are some pieces that made it into the show...

And here are two that didn’t....

All of the artwork shown was done with watercolor and ink on 400 g Arches Watercolor paper.

On another note I discovered a great book called “Design as Art” by Bruno Munari.  
On roughly 200 pages the book offers great advice not only for designers but for everyone who is interested in the psychological aspect of art and how to adapt to the ever changing market of art.

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