Friday, September 7, 2012

Lighten Up

 Cleaning up my old folders I stumbled across an old project I did three years ago but which I never really quite finished. It was a children’s story written by a friend of mine Dan Franch  which follows a boy’s quest on the hunt for the moon. Looking over my old illustrations I saw the potential the story has and decided to give it another shot now that I have more tools to work with. So I did and after page four decided that my palette wasn’t going in right direction and so  started over again. I got rid of the brownish tones I usually use and chose a cooler palette which gives the story a much friendlier tone and makes it more attractive for a younger audience.

Here the old and the new version.

I also discovered a new book by Hans Bacher titled “Dream Worlds” which is must have for everyone who is interested in production design.

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